Industrial Collaborations

The purpose of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is to develop the link with industry, share information, evaluate markets, raise fund for research, and promote mutual understanding between university and organizations.

The organizations agreed to develop the following collaborative activities in the academic areas of mutual interest.

  • Promoting cooperation in the field of research and development
  • Conducting collaborative research projects
  • Organizing conferences, lectures, seminars, symposia, and workshop on emerging issues or topics
  • Holding social, cultural and scientific meetings
  • Sharing of learning resources e.g. laboratories, libraries, e-learning
  • Enhancing and extending assistance in developing cooperation for the activities of mutual interest
  • Provides internship and jobs to our students.

MOUs Signed With Organizations

  • Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA), Karachi
  • Association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA), Karachi
  • SAP University Alliances, SAP SE, Germany
  • MATZ GROUP, a Pakistan based consortium partner of AISOFT Inc. New York, USA
  • SBT Pakistan, Karachi
  • Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited
  • Caliber Vantage, Inc., a Texas, USA based corporation
  • World Memon Organization (WMO), Karachi, Madadgaar Helpline, Karachi